Software for the Robotic Age

Hopstack's cloud software automates and digitizes your warehouse by easily integrating with robots, ERP and WMS

  • Acquire data easily

    Clear, complete, and accurate data acquisition occurs from Robots and IoT sensors on the operating floor.

  • Engage & Execute

    Manage all warehouse operations, with dynamic resource allocation, from a single point of control.

  • Pivot to Success

    Identify chokepoints, improve workflow, and scale faster with powerful, easy-to-use plugins and tools.

  • Drive Business Value

    Hopstack's machine learning models enable self-learning process improvements, such as batching and route optimizations.

  • Space optimization

    Pre-built space optimization protocols make sure every inch gets put to good use.

  • Order fulfilment

    Move frictionlessly for higher throughput from order placement to shipment to the last mile.


Integrate, Execute & Analyze

  • Integrations

    • Robots & Sensors
    • Cameras & Conveyers
    • Storage & Retrieval
    • ERP & WMS
  • Platform

    • Easily configurable
    • Rule Engine
    • Modular and Scalable
    • Cloud & On-premise
  • Intelligence

    • Order Batching
    • Picking optimization
    • Route Planning
    • Real-time visibility

Measurable Productivity Gains

Customers have experienced significant business impact immediately on Hopstack's digital warehouse software

  • 50% faster

    Reduce software deployment time with our readymade connectors to Robots and different business software

  • 30% increase

    Increase warehouse throughput by up to 30% with our data-driven intelligence engine. 

  • 20% lower

    Greater efficiency with existing resources. Reduce onboarding, training, and payroll cost with our automation layer.

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